The purpose of this book is to provide momentum to a movement aimed at the heart of every person who is involved in the process of raising money or giving money for the work of God’s Kingdom. You may be a full-time development officer, an executive director, a pastor, a president, a board member, a volunteer or a faithful giver. You may have decades of experience in fund development, or this may be the first exposure to this topic. If you care about giving or raising money for God’s work, this book is for you.

This movement is a realignment of priorities that places changed hearts above changed bank balances. It is a new order that seeks to develop faithful stewards whose hearts are rich toward God. It redefines development work as ministry in the Kingdom of God. And it replaces manipulative techniques and closing strategies with a dependence on prayer and relationship building as the essential tools for success.

All that sowers can do is sow faithfully and wait and hope and believe. Sowers cannot play God and cause the seeds to grow. All they can do, and must do, is sow faithfully and regularly and trust God for the increase.

The Sower
Redefining the Ministry of Raising Kingdom Resources